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Gotham Title and Characters

Patchy is not ready to say goodbye to this show.

Patchy HATES goodbyes.

When Gotham first came on people made fun of the idea of a show about Batman that didn’t have Batman. Bruce Wayne was just a 12-year-old kid and the villains of Gotham were just ambitious bad guys… BUT… here’s the crazy thing… after five seasons, Gotham has become an odd fixture in Patchy’s TV watching life.

Gotham is dark but colorful, scary but funny, bleak but optimistic… it is all the things Patchy remembers from comic books. If you take it too seriously you miss the point!!!!

When Fox announced that this would be the last season of Gotham, Patchy didn’t think it would be so sad to say goodbye. THEN THEY SHOWED A PREVIEW FOR THE FINAL EPISODE AND PATCHY STARTED CRYING!!!!!

When Gotham started, Bruce Wayne was just a baby… they said he was 12 years old but he looked younger. The show opened with his parents’ murder in front of him and he’s spend the entire series looking for answers… why were they murdered, what secrets they had uncovered, who is trying to destroy Gotham… and now Bruce is all grown up and will be BATMAN!!!!!


The genius of Gotham is the way they took us DEEP inside the lives of all the characters. Jim Gordon, the war-hero cop whose dad was a lawyer — in the first episode he’s called the last good man left in Gotham. Oswald Cobblepot, the umbrella-holder and general servant of mob underboss Fish Mooney, who methodically manipulated his way through bloody mob wars to become the self-professed “King of Gotham”. Edward Nygma, a criminal analyst for the Gotham Police who loves riddles and succumbs to his schizophrenic multiple personality to become a demented killer. Selina Kyle, a homeless cat burgler who witnesses the Wyane murder and takes Bruce under her wing to show him how to survive on the streets of Gotham while he searches for the truth. And Barbara Keane, who was engaged to Jim at the beginning of the show but then lost her ever loving mind after being kidnapped by a serial killer who watched 50 Shades of Gray too many times… for every major recurring villain, there’s a backstory — and we don’t want to see anything bad happen to any of them, even though they’re the bad guys!!!!

Perhaps the greatest transformation on this show isn’t a character so much as it is the awesome transformation of Jim Gordon’s hair… from a basic buzz cut to a glorious (and high-maintenance) pompadour with close cut sides that would make Don Draper jealous!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Maybe the best thing about Gotham is how unpredictable the story is. Even rewatching the show on Netty-Flixy, it’s hard to predict what will happen next. A lot of stuff that happens MAKES NO SENSE!!!! Except when you binge watch, it starts to make sense. It’s just the world of Gotham is so crazy you pretty much have to give up trying to make sense of it before it makes any sense… KINDA LIKE LIFE!!!!!

But the ratings dropped off and Fox decided to pull the plug… and so, once again, Patchy is losing TV friends.

See you on Thursday at 8/7c for one long cry, Gotham!!!!!!!!!!!!


Patchy has not blogged in over six months. BAD PATCHY!!!!!! Patchette is always telling Patchy that he needs to blog!!!! So here’s Patchy blogging….

Of all the TV shows that got cancelled last summer… TWO OF THEM CAME BACK!!!!! Designated Survivor got picked up by Netty-Flixy!!!!! And NBC decided to give Timeless two more episodes to wrap up their cliffhanger!!!!!

Patchy needs to write a whole separate blog for Timeless… IT WILL HAVE SPOILERS!!!!

Anyway… the final season of Gotham is going and it’s been REALLY REALLY GOOD SO FAR!!!! Crazier than ever!!!!! Patchette refuses to watch it, though.

Patchy will try to blog again really soon, okay? BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!


This TV season has been BRUTAL!!!!! They’ve cancelled everything!!!! That’s what it feels like anyway.

  • Timeless – CANCELLED
  • Kevin Probably Saves the World – CANCELLED
  • Designated Survivor – CANCELLED

There’s probably more but Patchy would just get depressed thinking about it.

So… Patchy’s got Better Call Saul, The Orville, The Good Doctor, one more season of Gotham, and the Walking Dead shows… that’s about it. SADNESS!!!!!! Patchy needs more TV to watch and tweet!!!!!

Patchy is No Longer Shadowbanned… FOR NOW

Twitter responded to Patchy’s repeated requests for help and, as of right now, Patchy is NOT shadowbanned. Unless, of course, they changed the way they shadowban so that Patchy doesn’t know he’s shadowbanned.

Anyway… Patchy needs to blog more and watch TV less anyway…

The Shadowbanning of Patchy Has Gotten Ridiculous

Patchy is shadowbanned from Twitter again.

For those who don’t know what shadowbanning is, it’s when Twitter doesn’t want you using Twitter anymore even though you haven’t done anything wrong. Well, maybe you did something wrong but you didn’t violate their rules bad enough for them to ban you from using Twitter altogether. They say abusing hashtags is something that will result in a shadowban, except they don’t call it a shadowban. They just say they remove your tweets from everyone’s search results and notifications. THAT’S WHAT A SHADOWBAN IS!!!!! They make you invisible. The only time people see your tweets is if you happen to show up on their timeline.

For the past two weeks, Patchy has gotten shadowbanned while live tweeting Gotham on Thursday nights. Patchy doesn’t tweet mean things or fight with people or call real people names. Patchy does call TV characters names, though. Anyway… most of the times Patchy has been shadowbanned for 24 hours. Welp… this time, it’s been over 36 hours and Patchy is still shadowbanned.

One of Patchy’s friends searched for Patchy and Twitter told him there were no search results, but his settings may be preventing him from seeing potentially sensitive content. PATCHY TWEETS ARE NOT SENSITIVE CONTENT!!!!!!

Patchy has repeatedly asked Twitter to tell him why he keeps being shadowbanned. The only response Patchy gets is from an automated bot, telling Patchy to use Twitter’s help page to file a report.

Look, Patchy uses Twitter to live tweet TV shows with other fans of the show. THAT’S IT. Patchy isn’t a political troll. Patchy doesn’t call people names. Patchy doesn’t try to sell anybody anything. Patchy is just Patchy. Patchy exists to have fun on Twitter.

Here’s the deal. Patchy’s twitter account was first created because Patchy couldn’t leave the house. Patchy was sick. Patchy created a Twitter account to live tweet The Walking Dead. Patchy also created Patchette’s twitter account so Patchette could live tweet too. Patchy and Patchette had fun live tweeting all our favorite TV shows for a year and a half, until September of 2017, when Twitter shadowbanned Patchy right in the middle of one of the last episodes of Halt and Catch Fire.

Patchy’s friends tweeted support of Patchy and tagged Twitter in tweets asking them to restore Patchy’s account.

Patchy is not a bot. Patchy is not a troll. Patchy is not a predator. Patchy is not making money on Twitter. Patchy and Patchette live tweet to have fun. THAT IS ALL. And it’s not fun anymore.

Twitter’s management is the biggest bunch of cowards Patchy has ever seen. To spend nine months begging for a response and get no response is pathetic. Patchy doesn’t care if Twitter goes bankrupt. Patchy isn’t having fun anymore. Patchy is just sad.

Patchy and Patchette have met so many people we care about because of live tweeting TV shows. But Twitter doesn’t want Patchy anymore. Twitter has broken Patchy’s heart.


It feels like Patchy has written this EXACT SAME BLOG POST before… Patchy keeps forgetting he has a blog. Patchy thought doing episode recaps would be fun and keep Patchy occupied and keep the blog going… but it is NOT WORKING OUT THAT WAY. Patchy is SORRY!!!!! Patchy will try to blog more though!!!!


Okay, so Patchy forgot that Patchy had a blog during the holidays. I’m just a zombie. And, to be fair, there’s not a lot of TV on during the holidays. Some shows never came back from the holidays… LIKE THE MAYOR!!!! ABC just took it off the air without any warning. BOOOOO!!!!!

One show that did come back but that is in GREAT DANGER of going away again is Kevin Probably Saves the World.

Patchy and Patchette LOVE Kevin Probably Saves the World. Why? Because it is FUNNY!!!! But it’s also SUPER POSITIVE!!!! This is a show about somebody who is trying to find MEANING in their life by DOING RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS!!!! And you know what? The world NEEDS more of that!!!! (more…)




Gotham has been scary lately. There’s the psycho killer named Pyg who wears a severed pig head over his face, and then puts severed pig heads over his victims’ heads. And there’s Butch, who came back from the dead as Solomon Grundy (someone on Twitter dubbed him ZOMBIE BUTCH!!!!! Patchy likes that!!!!). And then there’s Stabby Babs who has been acting CREEPY all season, ever since she died and Ra’s Al Ghul brought her back to life… and speaking of Ra’s, Bruce MURDERED old Ra’s to avenge his parents and ever since then, he’s been WHACKED OUT OF HIS EVER LOVING MIND.

EDIT: So technically Patchy got all confused and he got two episodes mixed up here. Whatever. Until this Pyg guy is gone, Patchy won’t be paying very close attention to Gotham. It is what it is.



Last week ended with a CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Patchy hates cliffhangers. Luckily, Patchy and Patchette didn’t watch until Saturday night, so we didn’t have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to see how it resolved!!!!! SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP!!!! (more…)