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Christmas Time Means Hallmark Movies!!!!

Yes, it’s very strange for Patchy to admit this. Patchy and @RealPatchette watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Granted, it’s mostly @RealPatchette watching while Patchy plays on a phone or tablet or whatever. BUT… every now and then, Patchy gets SUCKED IN TOO!!!

So far, Patchy has a few favorites. The Nine Lives of Christmas is one of the favorites. It’s about a veterinary student who falls in love with a firefighter and then gets fired from her job AND evicted from her apartment over stray cats… at Christmas time.

Then there’s Christmas in Evergreen, about a veterinarian who decides to leave her hometown of Evergreen at Christmastime, but a little girl’s wish on a magic snowglobe makes a blizzard traps everyone in Evergreen!!!!

And then there’s Help for the Holidays, about an elf who has to go to the real world on a mission from Santa to restore Christmas spirit to a broken family.

And then… well… those are the ones Patchy remembers…


Yeah, it’s weird. Patchy knows. The idea of a talking cartoon zombie who tweets and blogs about TV doesn’t really work if that zombie doesn’t like The Walking Dead…

But, seriously, what the heck happened to this franchise?



2020 SUCKS!!!!!! But old horror movies are AWESOME!!!!

Patchy is sad because 2020 decided to SUCK. WHY? WHY 2020? YOU WERE SUCH A COOL NUMBER FOR A YEAR!!!!!!

Of course, TV production ended early for most shows because of THE VIRUS. Patchy and Patchette enjoyed watching NOS4A2 and Yellowstone over the summer. Sadly, NOS4A2 won’t be coming back.

Patchy didn’t really blog about NOS4A2 but Patchy also keeps forgetting that Patchy has a blog…

Now that Halloween is almost here, some new TV shows are starting to come on. One Day at a Time is on CBS now… that show is FUNNY!!!! And of course TCM is doing their annual Halloween movies. Patchy has watched MANY this year!!!! Dracula was AWESOME!!!! So was The Creature from the Black Lagoon!!!! And The Blob!!!! Patchette is afraid of the plastic declawed lobster from The Tingler… she’s having nightmares about it.

TCM is gonna do old horror movies all day Friday and all day Saturday!!!! PATCHY CAN’T WAIT!!!

Quarantine Thoughts from a Zombie

So there’s a virus. You’ve probably already heard that part. Everyone is being told to stay in their homes.

WELP!!!! Staying at home is NOTHING NEW for zombies… most people freak out if they see a zombie and jam a knife in our head or something…

Except now everybody is supposed to wear masks, and when a zombie wears a mask it’s hard to tell that it’s a zombie…

Hmmmm…. Patchy needs to put a mask on before going to Twitter!!!!!

Patchy is practicing social distancing!!!!!

Stay safe everyone!!!

The New TV Season is HERE!!!!

Okay, so the new season started a couple of months ago, but every time Patchy blogs about a TV show, it seems like that TV show ends up getting canceled or moved or the ratings stink… so Patchy’s been too depressed to blog.

So these are the shows Patchy is watching this season:

• The Good Doctor

• Empire

• New Amsterdam

• Stumptown

• Perfect Harmony

• American Housewife

• Fresh Off the Boat

• Magnum P.I.

• The Blacklist

• The Walking Dead

That seems like a pretty small list, but that’s all Patchy is watching at the moment… how about you? What TV shows are you watching this season?

Summertime Blues

It’s summertime. That means a lot of great TV shows aren’t showing any new episodes. SADNESS!!!! But there are a few great shows that Patchy and Patchette have watched this summer.



This was made by Patchy’s Twitter friend @sapphiremoon01

A few hours ago, Patchy watched the last ever episode of Gotham. These are Patchy’s thoughts. WARNING… SPOILERS AHEAD…

When Patchy found out Gotham was ending after a shortened fifth season, Patchy didn’t think it would be very hard to say goodbye to the show. Gotham was crazy!!!! In a good way!!!! But after season 5, episode 11, they showed a preview for the final episode of the series and PATCHY STARTED CRYING… and over the next seven days, Patchy re-watched nearly every episode of the series… and cried some more… Patchy loves these characters, crazy as the show is.

Overall, Patchy was happy with the final episode. There was a ten-year time jump between the previous episode and the final episode, and they glossed over a lot. Patchy kinda knew going in that there was a time jump and that they couldn’t cover everything in one hour with commercial breaks, so it wouldn’t be an ideal perfect ending…

That said, they did a good job establishing the world after the jump, and they did it with one neat little trick — SUNSHINE!!!!! See, the sun never shines in Gotham. It’s always cloudy, gloomy, rainy. But after the time jump, we see the city bathed in sunlight. In the light of the sun, Gotham is BEAUTIFUL!!!!



Gotham Title and Characters

Patchy is not ready to say goodbye to this show.

Patchy HATES goodbyes.

When Gotham first came on people made fun of the idea of a show about Batman that didn’t have Batman. Bruce Wayne was just a 12-year-old kid and the villains of Gotham were just ambitious bad guys… BUT… here’s the crazy thing… after five seasons, Gotham has become an odd fixture in Patchy’s TV watching life.

Gotham is dark but colorful, scary but funny, bleak but optimistic… it is all the things Patchy remembers from comic books. If you take it too seriously you miss the point!!!!

When Fox announced that this would be the last season of Gotham, Patchy didn’t think it would be so sad to say goodbye. THEN THEY SHOWED A PREVIEW FOR THE FINAL EPISODE AND PATCHY STARTED CRYING!!!!!



Patchy has not blogged in over six months. BAD PATCHY!!!!!! Patchette is always telling Patchy that he needs to blog!!!! So here’s Patchy blogging….

Of all the TV shows that got cancelled last summer… TWO OF THEM CAME BACK!!!!! Designated Survivor got picked up by Netty-Flixy!!!!! And NBC decided to give Timeless two more episodes to wrap up their cliffhanger!!!!!

Patchy needs to write a whole separate blog for Timeless… IT WILL HAVE SPOILERS!!!!

Anyway… the final season of Gotham is going and it’s been REALLY REALLY GOOD SO FAR!!!! Crazier than ever!!!!! Patchette refuses to watch it, though.

Patchy will try to blog again really soon, okay? BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!


This TV season has been BRUTAL!!!!! They’ve cancelled everything!!!! That’s what it feels like anyway.

  • Timeless – CANCELLED
  • Kevin Probably Saves the World – CANCELLED
  • Designated Survivor – CANCELLED

There’s probably more but Patchy would just get depressed thinking about it.

So… Patchy’s got Better Call Saul, The Orville, The Good Doctor, one more season of Gotham, and the Walking Dead shows… that’s about it. SADNESS!!!!!! Patchy needs more TV to watch and tweet!!!!!