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Designated Survivor is the TV show about how Tom Kirkman became President of the United States. Krikman is a registered independent so there’s no way he could have won any elections. But he was appointed the designated survivor. And somebody blew up the government. And it was only Kirkman and another Senator named Hookstratten who survived. Oh, and this jerkburger named McLiesh who was part of the conspiracy to blow up the government. Kirkman made McLiesh Vice-President, but that didn’t work out so well… for McLiesh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Tom Kirkman is the same actor who was Jack Bauer on 24. It’s fun to joke about how Designated Survivor is really about Jack Bauer as president. People who tweet about Designated Survivor really like those jokes.

Designated Survivor reminds Patchy of House of Cards. Only it’s more like a PG-rated version. It’s really good. I think everybody should watch it. Patchy loves it!!!

Besides Kirkman, there is also Emily, who is Kirkman’s chief of staff, and Aaron, who use to be Kirkman’s chief of staff but he had to quit because of conspiracy theories and scandals. Aaron took a job as Hookstratten’s chief strategist. Hookstratten and Kirkman are frienimies. That means they are enemies but they don’t exactly hate each other. They kinda respect each other I think. Maybe even like each other. But not like that! Kirkman is married!!! And Hookstratten… well, Patchy doesn’t know if Hookstratten is married, but she’s a Republican, and Kirkman is an Independent, so it would never really work out between them.

Oh, and there’s Hannah! Hannah is like Batman. She’s an FBI agent who kicks bad guys’ butts!!!! She’s the reason things didn’t work out too good for McLiesh. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Patchy’s probably forgetting other characters… oh well. It’s a good show. People would really like it! Patchy loves it!!!

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