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There is a TV show on Fox on Monday nights called APB. It is an amazing TV show. It’s about a billionaire named Gideon Reeves who invents weird stuff and his this really huge company. His best friend is killed and the cops have no idea how to find the killer. The cops don’t have the resources or any leads to go on. So Gideon goes to the city of Chicago and buys and entire police precinct. He calls it District 13. He puts out an app so people can report crimes on an app instead of calling 911. He flies drones around the city to watch for crime. He gives the cops brand new Cadillac CTS sedans for cop cars and high tech uniforms. He hires a bunch of techy hackers to staff the police station. They fight crime like something out of Minority Report.

But the show isn’t just about the police stuff. Every episode is different. Gideon is funny. He tells bad jokes and he uses his money to fix every problem. And there’s a woman cop named Murphy who is the best cop ever. She has a ponytail and everyone on Twitter calls it the #PonytailofJustice! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ¬†Gideon and Murphy are meant for each other. It’s true love.

APB has a little something for everybody. There’s action, romance, technology, lots and lots of cars, drones, guns, and some pretty cool social commentary throwin in every now and then. Patchy LOVES it!!!

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