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If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! It’s a great show. It seems like it’s all about drug dealers and stuff, but really, it’s about an ordinary man with extraordinary talents becoming a ruthless drug lord becauase of poor choices and terrible circumstances. In Breaking Bad, the main character hires a lawyer named Saul Goodman. Saul is FUNNY!!! But Saul is also the only guy who really knows what’s going on. Saul does stuff like provide burner phones that the cops can’t trace and hook people up with new identities when the bad guys put hits on them.

Better Call Saul is the TV show about how Saul Goodman became Saul Goodman. In the first season we learned that his real name is Jimmy McGill and that Jimmy has… a brother. Patchy hates to use the word brother. Brother implies something warm and human. Jimmy’s brother is a baked potato. No, seriously. The guy is named Chuck and he’s afraid of electricity, so he wraps himself up in tin foil. PATCHY IS NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!!

In season 1, we learned that Chuck bailed Jimmy out of jail in Chicago because Jimmy took a poop in a sunroof with kids in the car and that’s considered a felony. So Chuck makes Jimmy come work in the mail room at his big, fancy law firm in New Mexico. But what Chuck didn’t know, is Jimmy started taking classes through a correspondence school and after many years, he became a lawyer too! He thought Chuck would give him a job at the law firm, but Chuck had his partner tell Jimmy no because he’s too much of a Chuck to do it himself. So Jimmy goes out on his own to practice law as a solo practictioner.

Jimmy meets Mike, an ex-cop who’s basically like McGuyver. Mike can do anything. So Mike and Jimmy do a little slightly illegal law breaking stuff to settle a case. Meanwhile, Jimmy is specializing in working with elderly people and he finds this big nursing home that is ripping off its residents. And another lawyer at the firm named Kim is so impressed that she helps Jimmy get a big job with a giant firm that is going to work on th enursing home case. Then, in season 2, Jimmy realizes that the big firm he’s working for won’t give him the freedom todo things his way, so he quits — by dressing funny and being obnoxious so they fire him. Like, he doesn’t flush the toilet and he runs a juicer in the break room and he plays bagpipes in his office, it’s HILLARIOUS. So after he’s fired, he tries to partner with Kim, but she doesn’t trust him, so she agrees to share office space with him but they’ll only be sharing office space, not be partners. And Jimmy, knowing how to pull fast ones, films this AWESOME commercial for his law pratice without actually paying for permits or anything. He even sneaks onto an Air Force base!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Also, in season 2, Chuck becomes even more mean and weird, and makes it his mission to destory Jimmy. However, Jimmy forges documents so Chuck will lose a client that Kim wants, and his conscious gets the better of him, so he confesses everything to Chuck.

Meanwhile, Mike is caught up with some drug dealers because his daughter-in-law is crazy and wants a new house and Mike feels guilty for not protecting his son, who was murdered by cops. Mike gets caught up in this mess and the drug dealers are hammering down on him hard, breaking into his house and stuff. But Mike beats them up and kicks them out and tells them they need to try harder. Then he realizes the only way out is going to be by killing the head of this cartel. So he gets an old car with no registration and sets out in the desert to do just that.

Season 3 starts with Jimmy and Kim sharing an office. Kim is taking on Jimmy’s clients because he’s out dealing with Chuck, confessing and stuff. Chuck’s recording Jimmy’s confession an devising a plot to destroy Jimmy. When Jimmy goes back to work, Kim is mad at him, and then the Air Force Captian he conned to shoot his commercial shows up. That Air Force Captain is like Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol, telling Jimmy that he has to change his ways or the wheel is gonna turn.

Mike, meanwhile, is tangled up with drug dealers. He’s planning to assassinate one in the desert when he hears the car horn honking and realizes that the drug dealers are on to him. So he strips the car down, looking for a bug. He finds one, then realizes that his presonal car has a bug too.

What’s going to happen in the rest of season 3? We know from the commercials that Gus Fring from Breaking Bad is back. Gus is like no other villian. If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad–WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?–then the best way to describe Gus is like if the Terminator went to Harvard business school and opened a chain of fried chicken restaurants and was the spokesperson for those restaurants and everybody loved him because he’s kinda like Mr. Rogers but when he gets really mad he sets his Terminator sights on killing and destruction. He doesn’t get violent. He just kills people.

So we’ve got Gus coming back and Jimmy’s probably going to jail for what he admitted to Chuck and Mke’s tangled up deep with these drug dealers and Kim is even reaping the benefits of Jimmy’s immorality while lecturing him about morality.

On the Talking Saul TV show that came on after Better Call Saul last night, the actress who played Kim said that “right and wrong aren’t necessarily the same as legal and illegal.” WHOA! That’s what the whole show is about. What’s right, what’s wrong, and how those gray areas can suck someone down like quicksand!!! We’ve seen Jimmy go down that path. We’ve seen Chuck go down that path, even though Chuck thinks he’s perfect. Now we’re seeing Kim go down that path. It’s sad. Probably the most honest person on the show right now is Mike.

Patchy loves this show. Patchy wishes he could be friends with Jimmy and Ernesto, who works for Chuck’s law firm. Ernesto is a good friend to Chuck and to Jimmy. Patchy wishes he could make Jimmy behave and be more like Ernesto. And Patchy would probably introduce Jimmy to Negan and be like, “Look, dude, is this where you want to end up? Because that’s how you end up being Negan.”

Patcy loves Better Call Saul. Patchy thinks you will too! The first two seasons are on the Netty-Flixy for your viewing enjoyment.

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