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Patchy is going to try to remember what happened so he can blog about Prison Break. Patchy meant to do this on Tuesday but it’s Friday now and he hasn’t blogged about it yet!

It’s pretty obvious to Patchy that Michael is in prison to help break someone out. Patchy doesn’t know this person’s name or why they’re in prison. HOWEVER… Michael’s first plan failed so now Lincoln is gonna bail him out.

Sara has a husband. He’s ANNOYING. He told some story about how people who use other people make those people think they care about them, but it’s all part of the manipulation. WHATEVER. He’s TRYING to turn Sara against Michael because he’s a DUM-DUM POOH-POOH HEAD!!!! People on Twitter think he’s her handler. That would mean he’s part of the conspiracy.

What conspiracy? Well, glad you asked! Remember in season 1 how Lincoln was in prison for killing the vice president’s brother? But he didn’t do it? And they faked a video showing him doing it, but the dude wasn’t even dead? And how Kellerman killed everyone who could help? Welp… there’s a video of Michael killing someone now. SEASON ONE REBOOT!!!! Kinda like how they rebooted Star Wars with The Force Awakens!!!! Same plot, different characters. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

The thing about Prison Break is it’s like the Fast & Furious movies. It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just FUN!!!

Patchy can’t wait to find out more about the conspiracy next week. And hopefully they get to breaking some prisons too!!!


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