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EDIT: Patchy’s Twitter profile can only be found in search if users change their search settings to allow sensitive material. Apparently a tweeting cartoon zombie is now sensitive.

Last night while tweeting Halt and Catch Fire, Patchy’s tweets stopped showing up in the hashtag for #HaltandCatchFire. Patchette noticed it and then some other people Patchy tweets with noticed it too. Today we figured out that Patchy doesn’t show up when people search for Patchy anymore. Searching the internet isn’t much help. Apparently Twitter can ghost-ban accounts so they don’t show up or exist anywhere except the user’s timeline and anyone that happens to follow that user. So as far as Patchy can see, everything is fine. But other people can’t find Patchy or see Patchy’s tweets when they search for the hashtag.

WHY WOULD TWITTER DO THIS TO PATCHY?????? If Twitter would just TELL PATCHY what’s going on then Patchy could fix it or not do whatever Patchy did wrong. But they don’t. They’re JERKS. Twitter may review Patchy’s account and stop the ghost-ban. Twitter may leave Patchy ghost-banned forever. Patchy doesn’t know.

What sucks is they have people on Twitter who post pornography and racism and who threaten other people and Twitter decides to let them tweet all they want but they ghost-banned Patchy. Patchy’s already having a hard time because Halt and Catch Fire is cancelled and going away and now Patchy can’t really tweet with his friends about it anymore. It sucks.

If you came here because you miss Patchy’s tweets and you want to know why Patchy’s not tweeting anymore, that’s why. Patchy loves all his friends. If this is goodbye, then please know that EVERYONE who tweeted with Patchy made Patchy so happy. Patchy loves you all!!!


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