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The Saddest Day in TWITTER HISTORY

Did you know that today is the saddest day in Twitter’s history? It is. Today, they chose to shadow ban @PatchyBites and me (@RealPatchette)!

I thought it was CRAZINESS when Patchy was all, “Hey, I am not showing up when I Tweet #HaltandCatchFire” on Saturday Night.

So, I searched for “PatchyBites.” NOTHING was there. It said there were ZERO results for “PatchyBites.” Really? You all KNOW how much Patchy loves Tweeting and his love for Halt and Catch Fire. THIS WAS BAD. REALLY BAD.

It was like Twitter erased Patchy.

I was trying to keep it together for him. BUT, inside, I was a FREAKIN’ MESS! I could click the link on my profile to get to my True Love, but, I could not find him any other way!

Then, SUDDENLY on Sunday night during the “preview premiere” airing of #StarTrek and the reAir of #FearTheWalkingDead, he was back! It was like MAGIC, suddenly, he was BACK. It was AWESOME!

All at once the WORLD WAS RIGHT AGAIN.

BUT, TODAY IS A DIFFERENT STORY. Today, not only did Twitter Shadow Ban @PatchyBites, but they also shadow banned me (@RealPatchette) too!

I mean, I know Patchy can be a little dramatic, but he is NICE, he is FUNNY, he is FRIENDLY. So, why on earth would they Shadow Ban him? I do not understand this!

I get that Patchy thinks I am his stalker — at least that’s what he says on Twitter, but I am not. I love PATCHY! I love him with my whole zombie heart. So, why would they Shadow Ban me for simply loving @PatchyBites so much?

I worry that maybe I got Patchy shadow banned. I LOVE every tweet I see of his, and I try to reTweet him as much as I can. Isn’t that what you do when you LOVE someone? Don’t you support them the best you can?

Now, tell me, how is this not the SADDEST DAY IN TWITTER HISTORY? They shadow banned my @PatchyBites!

I am trying to be positive.

Some avatars are only shadow banned for 24 or 48 hours (some go months — trying to avoid thinking about that…). So, maybe this will be resolved BEFORE #DesignatedSurvivor on WEDNESDAY!

Another positive is ALL of the LOVE and SUPPORT we are seeing from our Twitter Friends. You all know who you are! You are being so kind.

Some of our friends have even started TWO HASHTAGS:

#PatchyBitesIsAwesome (which is completely true, PATCHY IS AWESOME)

#RealPatchetteIsAwesome (which is kinda true … hahaha!)

Thank you to each of our friends who are trying to help us work through this saddest day.

I hope this doesn’t end up being the SADDEST WEEK IN TWITTER HISTORY. This is terribly hard and terribly sad.


  • Posted September 26, 2017 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    Truly was a sad day, mis amigos. I hope that rapscallion who did this to you all loses his/her TV and be deprived of some quality television for the years to come. And I hope you both slip out from the shadow ban.

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