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Thanks to one of Patchy’s friends, we know that what happened to Patchy this weekend on Twitter is called shadow banning. Twitter lifted Patchy’s shadow ban after 24 hours, but then they put Patchy under ANOTHER shadow ban… and they put Patchette under a shadow ban too. No emails, no messages, nothing telling us what went wrong.

The shadow ban works by making it so people can’t see our tweets under hashtag searches. Even our friends can’t see our tweets. Some of our friends who follow us can’t even search for our accounts to see what we’ve tweeted.

SERIOUSLY… all Patchy and Patchette tweet about are TV shows. We just try to have fun on Twitter and we have many friends that we love on Twitter. But it’s obvious that Twitter doesn’t want Patchy and Patchette tweeting TV shows. Patchy and Patchette will regroup and see what we can do moving forward.

Patchy has submitted yet another request to Twitter support. But Patchy will probably spend more time blogging and less time tweeting EVEN if Twitter stops shadow banning Patchy and makes everything go back to normal.

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