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For the love of Halt and Catch Fire

Maybe you don’t watch Halt and Catch Fire, maybe you have watched some, maybe you are like me and you have watched EVERY EPISODE more than once (more than twice even). Wherever you are in your Halt and Catch Fire experience – this post, it’s dedicated to you.

Note: This is a SPOILER FREE post about Halt and Catch Fire. You have my word.

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Oh, by the way, this is me, @RealPatchette. My hat was a gift from Patchy because he knows I love Agent Carter. I hope you will Tweet with me about Halt and Catch Fire (even though the show is ending).

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something BIGGER THAN LIFE: to be a part of something so exciting that it requires you to be braver than you have ever been, push yourself further than you have ever gone, and be more of you than you have ever been?

That is Halt and Catch Fire.

Being a part of the show, as the audience, is more than just looking into their world. The creators have managed to capture hearts and to take them into every moment with incredible passion. And, as the audience, our response is to go, to go with everything in us, we go and never look back.

If you are up and current, you know. You know your heart has been on a journey that it has NEVER been on before, not like this, not … not like this.

NOTHING LIKE THIS. Just trust me for a minute, ok? NOTHING. NO ONE HAS DONE WHAT HALT AND CATCH FIRE HAS DONE. Let me explain:

“A book becomes a part of you in a way nothing else can.”

(Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail)

This statement is very true. Books require a depth of the imagination that TV colors in for us. We don’t have to wonder what a house looks like, or how awkward a conversation is, it’s there, the work is done for us. But, in a book, when this happens we engage our imagination and that moment taps on our heart because now we have become a part of the story, as a part of the creative team, we have created. That ownership becomes a part of us.

What if somehow a team came together and erased some of that “filled in stuff”, or a lot of that stuff we just “see” on TV? Halt and Catch Fire has magically done this.

There are things happening on the show, but your imagination is filling in and connecting dots the entire time, there is enough missing that you are constantly engaged and left wondering. It’s this door that the creators of Halt and Catch Fire creators utilize to capture our hearts and add us to the creative team and allow us to create and discover.

That moment, happens again, and again. It builds with every episode and every season. It connects us more and more to the people, and with every heartbeat they become our friends. Our hearts are connected with theirs. Their lives are a part of ours. Their hopes, their fears, their dreams, their failures, their gains, their losses, everything becomes a part of us.

My question is simple:

Is your heart ready to be a part of something much bigger than you?


Let go of your heart, trust the creators and enjoy joining the creativity of Halt and Catch Fire. I promise you, you will never be the same. (Note: A zombie promise is pretty legit, but for legal reasons, I must say … your mileage may vary and results are not guaranteed. This promise is more the the form of … well, a challenge.)



Now, let’s add more connections, not just from our heart to the show, but to those who we share the show with. For me, that’s Patchy and our Twitter friends. If you are tweeting with @PatchyBites or me, @RealPatchette, about #HaltandCatchFire, then, you understand the power of being friends with people who have opened their heart to the same journey. You have cried with them, sent Gif hugs, you have laughed, and opened your creative hearts with them, and they have become as much a part of your heart as Halt and Catch Fire has.


Dear Friends,

To each of you beginning your Halt and Catch Fire journey and to those of you who have been on this journey from day one, my heart is with each of you. If you need us, or want to talk about the show because you found it on Netflix, or you can’t help but to reWatch it OVER AND OVER … send us a tweet. We are here. If you have been on this journey or are on it for the first time, please know, you are one of our dear friends.

Always take time to Halt and let your heart Catch Fire.

With all the love of this Zombie’s heart,


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