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Okay, so Patchy forgot that Patchy had a blog during the holidays. I’m just a zombie. And, to be fair, there’s not a lot of TV on during the holidays. Some shows never came back from the holidays… LIKE THE MAYOR!!!! ABC just took it off the air without any warning. BOOOOO!!!!!

One show that did come back but that is in GREAT DANGER of going away again is Kevin Probably Saves the World.

Patchy and Patchette LOVE Kevin Probably Saves the World. Why? Because it is FUNNY!!!! But it’s also SUPER POSITIVE!!!! This is a show about somebody who is trying to find MEANING in their life by DOING RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS!!!! And you know what? The world NEEDS more of that!!!!

In the first episode they talked about how Kevin lost his job on Wall Street and how his girlfriend dumped him and he tried to kill himself and after that he had to move in with his sister in Texas and the only thing he had left was his BMW… then they showed Kevin’s shiny BMW get run over by a tractor… Kevin lost EVERYTHING!!!! But Kevin found something, too. A spiritual entity named Yvette who is assigned to protect one of the 36 most righteous souls on the face of the earth and she tells Kevin that HE is one of the 36 most righteous souls on the face of the earth. Is he? Let’s be real… PROBABLY NOT!!!!! I mean, there’s some clues early on in the show that Yvette is using what she’s got because she couldn’t find her righteous soul. But Yvette makes Kevin believe that he IS a righteous soul, and Kevin gives himself over to the purpose of making the world better. And he starts doing what he’s supposed to do, making the world better and finding the other lost righteous souls. ANYBODY CAN DO THIS!!!!! They don’t need a Yvette!!!! They just need to DECIDE TO MAKE THE WORLD BETTER INSTEAD OF WORSE!!!! They just need to BE NICE and HELP PEOPLE and be friendly and stuff.

So… ABC has got Kevin Probably Saves the World on a bubble for cancellation because not enough people are watching it, but it’s not even been on TV much since Christmas. They keep taking breaks and they don’t run reruns of it and last week they had an episode of 20/20 on instead of Kevin Probably Saves the World. SERIOUSLY!!!! Things are looking a little dim.

This might come as a shock, but Patchy’s not exactly… NORMAL. That’s okay though. Patchy relates a lot to Kevin’s character. You know, sometimes Patchy wonders if Kevin took all those pills before the show started and the whole thing is a dream… but even if it’s a dream, and Kevin wakes up from it, KEVIN WILL BE A BETTER PERSON!!!!! And, you know, even though Kevin is just a TV show character, Patchy knows what it’s like to want to take a bunch of pills and be done with life. Patchy pretty much felt like that all the time before Patchette came along. And Kevin’s second life on the show is inspiring to Patchy because Kevin lost everything and Kevin is finding a new happiness and a new meaning and Kevin is realizing that being loved by the people around him are the thing that makes him successful, not having a BMW and a Wall Street job.

I mean, the difference this show has made in the way Patchy thinks is incredible. Patchy may not be doing random acts of kindness like Kevin, but Patchy is trying to be less critical of other people and not tweet things that are mean because of Kevin and Tyler and how much Patchy loves these characters and how much Patchy is inspired to be like them. That’s real. Patchy wants to be the kind of person that people like Kevin and Tyler and Yvette and Amy and Nate and Reese would want to be around because Patchy feels pretty alone sometimes, and even though Patchette is here, it’s hard being a TV loving zombie when you really can’t get out in the world much and all you got is a TV and Twitter and a blog that you keep forgetting about.

Speaking of Twitter… Marti King Young on Twitter works on the Kevin Probably Saves the World TV show and SHE IS AWESOME AT SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!! Patchy really wants her and all the people who make the show to keep their job. You can tell they’re like a family. Follow her!!!! @scrnwriterchic¬†YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!!! She tweets about Kevin Probably Saves the World and InstaPot food!!!!! And she’s got a cool movie coming out sometime this year!!!!!

Back to the show… Patchy knows that TV shows don’t get made unless there’s a business case for making them. That means they have to make money. But Kevin Probably Saves the World is made by ABC and ABC is owned by Disney and doggone it, Disney can afford to take a loss on this one!!!!! It’s a GOOD CAUSE!!!! And Patchy hopes if they bring it back, they don’t try to change the show to chase ratings. IT’S PERFECT JUST LIKE IT IS!!!!! Maybe it needs to be on a more family-friendly time slot. Maybe it needs to be on a different night of the week. There has to be SOME WAY they can save this show!!!!! We need TV shows that bring out the good in people, and Kevin Probably Saves the World is a show that does that. There are people who are lonely and have no hope and when they see a TV show where people are killing each other and stabbing each other in the back and hurting each other, it makes them feel EVEN MORE HOPELESS. Patchy KNOWS THIS!!!! And you know what? Just having a TV show like Kevin Probably Saves the World to look forward to every week has made Patchy happier. And you know, as stupid as it sounds, just seeing characters like Kevin and Tyler be nice even when other people are mean to them is a GREAT EXAMPLE!!!!! What other shows do we get such great role models on? Yeah, the president on Designated Survivor is a great role model too… but that’s a totally different kind of show. It’s still awesome, though, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Kevin Probably Saves the World is the ONLY show on TV that ALWAYS makes Patchy feel happier. It’s a guaranteed fact!!!!

In fact, Patchy was REALLY SAD because a character on a TV show that Patchy loved died one week… like, this was epic levels of sadness. Patchy cried and cried and cried for three days… it was like part of his heart got ripped out by this other TV show… and then the VERY FIRST EPISODE of Kevin Probably Saves the World came on and Patchy felt happy for the first time!!!!! And then Patchy made Patchette watch it and Patchette was happy for the first time too!!!!! We love Kevin and Amy and Nate and Reese and Tyler and Yvette!!!! They’re our TV friends!!!! We would do anything for our TV friends. That’s why Patchy blogs. When he can remember he has a blog, that is. Zombie brains are forgetful.

It sounds silly to be so emotional about a TV show, but then again, Patchy is a cartoon zombie. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! But Patchy watches Kevin Probably every week. Patchy loves Kevin Probably. It’s even made Patchy want to find other shows that make Patchy and Patchette happy instead of sad.

If you’ve never seen Kevin Probably Saves the World, you can watch it on ABC’s website or on the ABC app or on HULU. It comes on Tuesday nights at 10 PM / 9 Central. There’s only, like, three episodes left in the season. Even if they don’t renew Kevin Probably for a second season, it’s been such a good show and Patchy still hopes everyone watches it and feels better about life and about themselves and about the choices they can make and the kindness they can give to the world. The world NEEDS all the kindness it can get!!!!!

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