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Patchy has not blogged in over six months. BAD PATCHY!!!!!! Patchette is always telling Patchy that he needs to blog!!!! So here’s Patchy blogging….

Of all the TV shows that got cancelled last summer… TWO OF THEM CAME BACK!!!!! Designated Survivor got picked up by Netty-Flixy!!!!! And NBC decided to give Timeless two more episodes to wrap up their cliffhanger!!!!!

Patchy needs to write a whole separate blog for Timeless… IT WILL HAVE SPOILERS!!!!

Anyway… the final season of Gotham is going and it’s been REALLY REALLY GOOD SO FAR!!!! Crazier than ever!!!!! Patchette refuses to watch it, though.

Patchy will try to blog again really soon, okay? BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!

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