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This was made by Patchy’s Twitter friend @sapphiremoon01

A few hours ago, Patchy watched the last ever episode of Gotham. These are Patchy’s thoughts. WARNING… SPOILERS AHEAD…

When Patchy found out Gotham was ending after a shortened fifth season, Patchy didn’t think it would be very hard to say goodbye to the show. Gotham was crazy!!!! In a good way!!!! But after season 5, episode 11, they showed a preview for the final episode of the series and PATCHY STARTED CRYING… and over the next seven days, Patchy re-watched nearly every episode of the series… and cried some more… Patchy loves these characters, crazy as the show is.

Overall, Patchy was happy with the final episode. There was a ten-year time jump between the previous episode and the final episode, and they glossed over a lot. Patchy kinda knew going in that there was a time jump and that they couldn’t cover everything in one hour with commercial breaks, so it wouldn’t be an ideal perfect ending…

That said, they did a good job establishing the world after the jump, and they did it with one neat little trick — SUNSHINE!!!!! See, the sun never shines in Gotham. It’s always cloudy, gloomy, rainy. But after the time jump, we see the city bathed in sunlight. In the light of the sun, Gotham is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

We got really rough recaps of the main characters… Jim is ready to quit his job, Bruce Wayne is returning home after ten years overseas, Cat is a master thief able to avoid the most high-tech security… Ed, Oswald, and Jeremiah are all locked up.

When Oswald is released, he kidnaps Jim and takes him to the exact same pier where Jim was ordered to execute Oswald in the first episode. Oswald says he’s going to murder Jim for arresting him!!!!! But Jim jumps in the water and swims away… Patchy could’ve lived without that scene, but it was a nice way of coming full-circle back to the beginning.

The only problem with the episode is it felt like it should’ve been two hours and gut cut down way too much. And there was a lot of time with all the good guys in a room together staring at a model of the city, trying to figure out the latest plot to destroy Gotham when we would’ve rather seen some antics!!!!!

Honestly, the biggest problem with the finale is there wasn’t enough time to establish high stakes. Sure, Harvey got coerced into confessing to a murder he didn’t commit and when Jim figured out what was going on, Jeremiah kidnapped Jim’s child and strung her up in the same chemical factory where he fell into a vat of chemicals — this would be the final conflict of the episode, and the series. It would also be the first time we see Batman go after a villain. But given how rushed the episode was and how much time they spent establishing what everyone was doing for the past ten years, the whole final conflict seemed very anti-climatic.

Of course, the final shot of the show was Batman standing on a building, watching over Gotham. It was pretty much guaranteed that this would be the final shot, though. Right? The whole show was building up to Batman.

But before that, we got to see Jim with a mustache, we got to see Selina tell Bruce how she felt about him leaving all those years ago, we got to see Ed and Oswald antics, we got to see Jeremiah at his most shockingly brutal, we got to see Batman work in stealth and watch Jim and others try to figure out what Batman was, and we got to see Barbara with red hair and looking happy for the first time in five seasons. ALL OF WHICH WAS TERRIFIC!!!!

Probably Patchy’s favorite moment was when Bruce dressed as Batman told Selina to give the diamond she stole back and Selina’s response was a snappy, “Like hell…” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Would Patchy have done things differently? YES!!!!! But overall, Patchy got to see one last episode and say goodbye to Gotham in a way that didn’t make Patchy cry. It wasn’t sad or sentimental. It was very much in keeping with the rest of the series… unpredictable and messy, yet overall it was fun. Oswald and Ed were hilarious throughout the episode, but particularly at the end when they were building each other’s confidence up to go confront the Batman before catching a glimpse of Batman and deciding they could do it tomorrow… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Having basically watched the entire series in just a week, Patchy is happy with the ending. Many people wanted a better ending. Patchy gets that. But Patchy also appreciates what we got from Gotham. Gotham is the unofficial prologue to over eighty years of Batman lore. And because it’s a prologue, there could never be an ending…. not really. Many people criticized the final episode for feeling like a pilot episode for a totally different show… and that’s fitting. Prologues lead to first chapters, not to final chapters, not to endings. Gotham was a fun ride, nearly always unpredictable, with characters Patchy truly loved. Gotham was a part of the tapestry of Patchy’s life. Patchy will always remember Gotham fondly. And Patchy plans to buy the bluray set and watch Gotham again and again.

Patchy’s not really said it’s over as much as Patchy’s happy that Gotham’s final episode made Patchy laugh and made Patchy happy one final time. And for that, Patchy is very grateful.

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