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Summertime Blues

It’s summertime. That means a lot of great TV shows aren’t showing any new episodes. SADNESS!!!! But there are a few great shows that Patchy and Patchette have watched this summer.

NOS4A2 on AMC: This was probably Patchy’s favorite show of the summer!!!! Even though Charlie Manx gives Patchette nightmares. Then there was a clown for, like, TWO SECONDS in an episode and Patchette freaked out and decided to stop watching. BUT THE SHOW WAS SO STINKING GOOD!!!! They did a great job with world-building and getting the audience invested in the characters. Patchy’s really looking forward to season 2!!!!!

YELLOWSTONE on Paramount Network: This was a surprise for Patchy… Patchy tried watching the first episode of Yellowstone last season and DID NOT LIKE IT. Neither did Patchette. We were expecting it to be more like Longmire. But then Patchy saw commercials with Neil McDonough from Band of Brothers and Patchy decided to give Yellowstone another try. AND PATCHY GOT HOOKED!!!!! Season 2 has been even better than season 1 so far, in this zombie’s humble opinion. The language is R-rated so a lot of people who might otherwise love the show would probably be turned off by the F-bombs and stuff… but it’s a really interesting modern western.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD on AMC: Patchy has struggled off and on with this show for a few seasons. Things really got good in, like, season 2 when Travis snapped and went off on the punks who lured his son Chris away. Then the actor who played Travis left the show and it’s been up and down since then… it’s just very uneven. Some episodes are very fast and action-packed, some are very slow. Patchy and Patchette watch it every week, we like it and we don’t hate the show by any means, but honestly Patchy was more excited about NOS4A2 than Fear the Walking Dead this summer.

BOSTON LEGAL on Hulu: Our Twitter friend SapphireMoon got us watching this show and WOW… Patchy and Patchette LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It’s a legal show from 10 years ago but it’s funny, and it’s really well written and well acted and it’s just darn good TV!!!!! There’s 5 seasons and we’re already near the end of season three!!!!

LODGE 49 on Hulu: Patchy had some bad life experiences happening last year when Better Call Saul and Lodge 49 aired on AMC. We were faithful viewers of Better Call Saul but we bailed on Lodge 49 after one episode. Our friend SapphireMoon liked it so we decided to get give it a try again, especially after we ended up liking Yellowstone, and BOY ARE WE GLAD WE DID!!!! The characters are just lovable. It’s a fun show, but it’s kinda like Mad Men the way it’s written, you just have to pay attention and go along for the ride and everything starts making more sense toward the end of the season. We can’t wait for season 2 to start next week!!!!!

THE COOL KIDS on Hulu: Patchy found this show on Fox, like, TWO WEEKS before Fox cancelled it. But the first season is on Hulu and it’s SO STINKING FUNNY!!!!! Seriously, if you have Hulu and you like sitcoms, check it out!!!! The cast is great!!!!

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