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2020 SUCKS!!!!!! But old horror movies are AWESOME!!!!

Patchy is sad because 2020 decided to SUCK. WHY? WHY 2020? YOU WERE SUCH A COOL NUMBER FOR A YEAR!!!!!!

Of course, TV production ended early for most shows because of THE VIRUS. Patchy and Patchette enjoyed watching NOS4A2 and Yellowstone over the summer. Sadly, NOS4A2 won’t be coming back.

Patchy didn’t really blog about NOS4A2 but Patchy also keeps forgetting that Patchy has a blog…

Now that Halloween is almost here, some new TV shows are starting to come on. One Day at a Time is on CBS now… that show is FUNNY!!!! And of course TCM is doing their annual Halloween movies. Patchy has watched MANY this year!!!! Dracula was AWESOME!!!! So was The Creature from the Black Lagoon!!!! And The Blob!!!! Patchette is afraid of the plastic declawed lobster from The Tingler… she’s having nightmares about it.

TCM is gonna do old horror movies all day Friday and all day Saturday!!!! PATCHY CAN’T WAIT!!!

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