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Christmas Time Means Hallmark Movies!!!!

Yes, it’s very strange for Patchy to admit this. Patchy and @RealPatchette watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Granted, it’s mostly @RealPatchette watching while Patchy plays on a phone or tablet or whatever. BUT… every now and then, Patchy gets SUCKED IN TOO!!!

So far, Patchy has a few favorites. The Nine Lives of Christmas is one of the favorites. It’s about a veterinary student who falls in love with a firefighter and then gets fired from her job AND evicted from her apartment over stray cats… at Christmas time.

Then there’s Christmas in Evergreen, about a veterinarian who decides to leave her hometown of Evergreen at Christmastime, but a little girl’s wish on a magic snowglobe makes a blizzard traps everyone in Evergreen!!!!

And then there’s Help for the Holidays, about an elf who has to go to the real world on a mission from Santa to restore Christmas spirit to a broken family.

And then… well… those are the ones Patchy remembers…

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