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I fell in the Pool too

Some Zombies say I don’t pay attention to where I am going. But, I try. I really do try. It just doesn’t always work. WARNING: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS Last night when Cam fell in the pool, I couldn’t help but to laugh. I’ve been there. It’s true. I knew I was close to the edge, […]

For the love of Halt and Catch Fire

Maybe you don’t watch Halt and Catch Fire, maybe you have watched some, maybe you are like me and you have watched EVERY EPISODE more than once (more than twice even). Wherever you are in your Halt and Catch Fire experience – this post, it’s dedicated to you. Note: This is a SPOILER FREE post […]


Spoilers, and little clips: THEY SPOIL EVERYTHING! Patchy and I LOVE Halt and Catch Fire. It may be the best show ever! The complexity and intentionality of the writers is creative genius at it’s finest. So, when you see a SPOILER produced by their creators, it’s ROUGH! It’s TOOOOOO GOOD! It’s TOO MUCH! Two weeks […]

The Saddest Day in TWITTER HISTORY

Did you know that today is the saddest day in Twitter’s history? It is. Today, they chose to shadow ban @PatchyBites and me (@RealPatchette)! I thought it was CRAZINESS when Patchy was all, “Hey, I am not showing up when I Tweet #HaltandCatchFire” on Saturday Night. So, I searched for “PatchyBites.” NOTHING was there. It […]