Patchy the zombie is a star.

Patchy Bites

...just a zombie living his best life with Patchette

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Patchy's blog will return soon!

Halt and Catch Fire

Patchy loves this show. There are so many great things Patchy wrote about this show. Hopefully Patchette can hekp Patchy find them and get them back soon.


Patchy loves movies. There is nothing more to say. Except that Patchy has a lot to say about a lot of movies. More to come when the blog returns.

Patchette... the stalker

It must be said that while Patchette claims to be the love of my life. I believe her to just be a stalker. She just won't go away. No matter how long I skip my bath.

Twitter and Threads

Maybe you LIVE TWEETED TV with Patchette and Patchy. If so, head to Threads. We are picking up our tweeting there. We hope to be able to share like the olden days.

Snow and things

Once upon a time I loved snow and thought about living in Alaska. I hear they are very zombie friendly there. But now Patchy is too old for that. Patchy wants palm trees and the ocean breezes.

More to say

Patchy always has more to say. HAHAHAHA!